Auric Field Check-Up

The Energetic check-up is a holistic diagnosis of  your different Bodies, Spirit and Mind.

It takes place in a single session of 2 hours and includes these different phases:

1.Set Up

In the first phase of the consultation, we will get to know each other and define what led you to consult.

I will then present you the 5 step Healing process .

2. Align your Incarnation Axes

To allow the healing process to begin, we will check the alignment of your axes.

This consists in measuring the balance of your root chakra to assure stability in the energy levels of your foundation.

3. Plug in to the Energetic Senses

The perception tubes are an extension of your 5 senses. I will mesure their balance and guide you in connecting to them.

There are easy ways to learn how to use them in your everyday life!

4. Tune into your Aura and maybe more ...

Your body is unique; it is composed of 7 different information fields:

  • the Physical body (organs and lymphatic system)
  • the Energetic body (meridians and energy flow)
  • the Emotional body (receptacle and seat of your emotions)
  • the Mental body (seat of the management of thoughts and intellect)
  • the Causal body (management of transgenerational legacies)
  • the Dharmic body (dharmic and karmic retributions)
  • the Spiritual body (streams of consciousness and mission of the soul)

We will measure the frequency of each of the 7 bodies and establish a synthesis of your state of health. 


5. Release and Heal, Peace and Joy can now blossom

After the full check-up of your system, I will create a space of relaxation where  the Spiritual Healing  Energy can restore harmony into your energetic field.