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Healing Session

Full Treatment of your Body Fields (physical, energetic, psychologic, emotional and spiritual bodies). I release the misbalanced information in your cells that create stress disorders and various unpleasant symptoms. This Healing process restaures balance and harmony in your life. The healing session is also very efficient in preventing future health problems and elevates you to embody energetic power in your life and well being !

Training: Develop your senses to perceive the vibratory realms

Collaborate in small groups  to develop and practice  using your energetic and spiritual senses.

Be and vibrate in this world intentionally!

This training is designed for:

For Healers who seek to gain trust and groundedness in their practices.

For Individuals who seek to develop their senses and perceptions in daily life with Balance and Awareness.

Auric Field Check-Up

In a single session, a holistic assessment will be done on the frequencies of your different bodies: physical, energetic, emotional, psychological, astral, causal, and spiritual.

With this awareness, I will restore your energetic balance .

Astrology Session

Two options:

Introduction to your birth chart
Introduction to your annual solar revolution chart

Astrology consultations provide you awareness to situate yourself in life’s journey.

Greater perspectives enlighten understanding and answer your questions. 

Great for: resets, new beginnings and transitions in life ! 

Days and Journeys of Discovery

The initiation days and journeys are a time to immerse ourselves in the energetic and vibratory world we are made of and the realms we belong to.

Let’s explore with joy and fantasy this colorful spiritual space!

Practice Circles

Workshops in small groups,  to explore one of the following themes:

Astrology, Bioenergetic, Mediumship, Spiritual Healing or Kintsugi.