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elodie six kintsugi thérapie résilience

Elodie SIX

Psychic-Energetic Healer

My first encounter with holistic psychic-energy began during my time living in India and Sri Lanka. During these 4 initiatory years, I learned meditation and Ayurvedic principles of healing. I met Shamans, Oracles and  Buddhist Masters with whom I developed my holistic understanding of  human life.

My development as a Healer took off… I started to add structure to my energetic healings modalities: perceiving Auric Fields, seeing and speaking with Spirits of the deceased and the Spirit World; These psychic gifts had been present since my childhood.

As a child, I felt like a stranger in this world; no one could explain these experiences to me. Later, on my Life’s journey, I met wonderful people who guided me in understanding and harmonizing my inner balance with these abilities.

Once back in France, I studied Western Psychology specializing in Medical Hypnosis (Doctor Milton Erickson), EMDR, Humanistic and Karmic Astrology as well as Greek Mythology.

I have been practicing and studying Buddhist Meditation and Teachings for over 20 years now.As a student of Doctor John Kabat-Zinn, I studied the practice of Mindfullness and attended his “Buddhism and Medicine of Tomorrow” program in Montpellier. 

I was trained in Bio-Energetics in Switzerland with Stéphane Cardinaux and Catherine Martin. At the Stansted College in London,  I fine tuned my mediumship skills participating in the English Mediums Training Course.  With Gordon Smith, Steven Levett and Janet Parker, I deepened the trust in my abilities even further.

In 2018, I continued to broaden my healing practices with Healers and Brahmins from Bali. In 2019, Catherine Maranzana, a certified nurse, introduced me to the use of essential oils as a part of my treatment which I have been using ever since. In 2021, I began to include into my sessions the Healing Sounds of Tibetan bowls as well as Lithotherapy (two training courses done in Paris and Belgium).

I welcome patients in individual consultations or to attend seminars . I lead Healing and Mediumship workshops where we explore and structure your gifts of energetic and vibratory perceptions.

I work as a Spiritual-Energetic Healer and Medium.

For your individual session, I use the following tools: Medical Hypnosis, EMDR, Astrology, Bio-Energetics, Aromatherapy, Olfactotherapy, Lithotherapy, Mediumship, Trance Healing and Resilience Therapy by Kintsugi.

Melodiously yours,

elodie six psychoenergéticienne

Spiritual-Energetic Healer

After being trained in several healing practices and licensed from the Milton Erickson Institute in 2005, I expanded my work towards healing: